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The Aussie Invader project have teamed up with Unique 8 Design Studio to create a high quality animation of Aussie Invader 5R. This animation will be officially launched at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney (OCTOBER 19th – 28th).

Channel 10 News attended our Aussie Invader open day for year 12 engineering students from Willetton Senior High School at the Aussie Invader workshop. The students have been assigned different aspects of the car to try and come up with innovative solutions to problems that the building of Aussie Invader 5R has thrown up.

Rosco is seen here talking to year 12 engineering students from Willetton High School in Perth, who attended a father and son day at the Aussie Invader workshop.

Channel 7 ran a news story on Aussie Invader III being up for sale for around $350,000 and it comes with accessories, including a display trailer, but the headline act is the 36,000 horsepower/18,000 pounds thrust from the jet engine from a Mirage fighter-bomber military aircraft.

Rosco talks about Aussie Invader 5R land speed record car and the feature goes into the work that is being carried out by Curtin University and the use of CFD with Murdoch Universities iVec supercomputer, which is one of the world most powerful.

CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics is a technology that enables us to study the dynamics of things that flow. Using CFD, we can build a computational model that represents a system or device that we want to study, in this case… Aussie Invader 5R.

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