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Composite Design & Production

Dan has been working in the composites manufacturing industry for thirty-seven years making products from simple water tanks to international money market dealing desks using anything from standard resins and fibreglass to the more exotic Carbon and Kevlar composite fabrics using many different types of composite forming machinery. He has been in charge of fibreglass workshops and later run his own fibreglass company but nowadays he is happy wholesaling in fibreglass roof sheeting.

As a child in the 60s, Dan watched a documentary on the exploits of former world land speed record holder Englishman Donald Campbell and remembers looking at his crew working on his car and recall being envious of them working on something so exciting, not for a moment imagining he would ever be involved in Australia’s challenge for a world land speed record.

Dan Boseley rocketDan first became involve when talking to Lindsey Varco of Ultraflow and spotting a picture of a concept of Aussie Invader 2. Lindsey said he was building the full body for it, at which Dan instantly said “do you need any help’ he said “yes but it’s going to be a lot of work” and Dan has never looked back.

Dan said "To be part of the most exciting motoring project this country has ever had is just amazing. It is so hard to believe is has been over twenty two years ago since that chat with Lindsey but I am as proud and excited today as I was then to be a member of the Aussie Invader team."

Dan's other interests are quad riding in the great Aussie country side with his wife and close friends and he also has a keen interest of rocketry, making rockets his own which makes rocket powered Aussie Invader 5R even more interesting.


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