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Have Your Company or Brand Associated With The Project

Aussie Invader 5R is being built with the help of some great Australian and International companies, big and small. Without their help and support Australia’s Land Speed Record Challenge would still be on the drawing board.

By partnering the Aussie Invader Land Speed Challenge, your company not only helps this exciting Australian project, but also gets your company brand seen by millions. To find out more, please contact us.

Major Partners

AEE 140 dicandilo steel speedmark 200 wb-2
siemens calm-aluminum rowe sons180
kentin engineering160 ppg 300 Newland-associates

Support Partners

trident australia lf performance 140 skf 140 compact marketing logo
KJBeer Logo rocket lab logo unquie-8 bam-creative160


wenco spikefactory betterwear orrcon
ads westrac tcs bizmaker200
kennards pbb parins prochem
isuzu mondo gentronics enryb
powerlift united GEMTREK 200 soto
wesglo arb accessories190 Waterhouse-lawyers200 promethean
tangibility carlock all ford day nuplex-logo
Bearcat190 titan160 piston empire160 brad stacy160 
add-energy140 GG-graphics160 ozfirecams180-2 clarity communications200
west-coast-fasteners3 abc-containers reef-group160  

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