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Powered by a SNECMA 9K-50 36,000 horsepower

The Aussie Invader Team returned to Lake Gairdner in South Australia in 1996 and after some test passes, recorded a peak speed of 638 mph. This was faster than the World Land Speed Record held by Richard Noble at 633 mph. However, to claim a new world record, two passes must be made in opposite directions within one hour. Again bad weather prevented the team from achieving this goal.

In 1997 the British, in their twin jet engine car, ran 763 mph creating the biggest jump in the history of the Land Speed Record. THRUST SSC went supersonic and made Aussie Invader III redundant. It was decided that a new car needed to be built to challenge this record. That is where we are now and the story continues with Aussie Invader 5R…

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