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Aussie Invader Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter – This past month has not let up from our normal busy schedule, with some fantastic international visitors. We have also made some positive progress with our rocket motor development and hope to bring a detailed update on this next month. I have performed a number of motivational talks, had countless visitors to our shop...

Aussie Invader Newsletter

November 2014 Newsletter – This month started with our team manager Pete Taylor returning from a visit to the UK and dropping in on our great mates and friendly rivals the Bloodhound SSC team. Pete was given the royal tour of their project and access to their car and facilities. Pete asked many questions and took a lot pics of their car, awesome workshop facilities...

Aussie Invader Newsletter

October 2014 Newsletter – Boy have we jumped some huge hurdles this month, with heaps more to go. I am asked several times a day, "When are you going to be running?" and I always have to respond "when the car is finished and ready to go". Try building the world’s fastest land vehicle that is designed to exceed mach 1.4 at ground level from your own workshop...

Aussie Invader Newsletter

September 2014 Newsletter – Welcome to our September 2014 Newsletter and thank you all for your involvement in our history making venture. Well August has ended and I am sitting at my desk trying to recall some of this past month’s highlights. A hundred things have happened, some newsworthy, some not so, but it’s all positive and steadily moving in the right direction...

Aussie Invader Newsletter

August 2014 Newsletter – Another huge month has just blasted past us in the blink of an eye and by the time you read this I will be on my way back from Auckland in New Zealand. I have attended a very special event hosted by our friends and partners from Rocket Lab, who are demonstrating to a worldwide audience a brand new concept in rocket design...

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July 2014 Newsletter – Once again my team and I have been working hard and doing our very best to get our project to the start line. We have had numerous wins this month and a couple of set backs but as Thomas Edison said in 1879 "I now know hundreds of ways how not to make a light bulb", we now feel the same with a few of the components we are out to build...

aussieinvader newsletter100x130

June 2014 Newsletter – It’s June already and half of this year has nearly gone, and I’m still working through January. Is it just me or has the whole world gone into overdrive? Howdy to all of our sponsors, supporters, 1000 MPH Club members and followers, welcome to June and our monthly newsletter...

Aussie Invader May 14

May 2014 Newsletter – We will soon have to add another list of supporters to our list above as we have just launched our new crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 to develop and build our tailfin. We have worked with a new exciting company called Star Stadium which specialise in raising money for sports projects, teams and individuals...

Aussie Invader April 14 Newsletter

April 2014 Newsletter – Another huge month of hard work and good progress on our project has been achieved. We have made some major steps forward with the construction of our nose, our braking chute launch mechanism, our airbrake doors and hinges, our cars transport jinker, our wheel brakes and a hundred other jobs...

Aussie Invader Newsletter Mar 14

March 2014 Newsletter – March is here already and we have not even sat down for Christmas dinner yet. Every second day in our lives seems to be a Thursday and we find another week has blasted past. We have done so much on our project this month that I would have to write a book to cover the key milestones we have achieved, so I will try to make it short and sweet...

Aussie Invader Newsletter Feb 14

February 2014 Newsletter – A BIG Happy New Year to all of our sponsors, supporters, 1000 MPH Club Members and the fantastic folks who have donated to our project, welcome to our February 2014 newsletter. As mentioned in our November newsletter we had to pass on sending out our December update as our legendary web and LSR guru Mark Read was going on vacation to the UK...

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