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aussieinvader dec13

December 2013 Newsletter – WHAT A BIG MONTH WE HAVE HAD... Aussie Invader has two major announcements, the first is about our search for a venue to run our car and the second is about a new sponsor. Several years back when we were just getting under-way with the construction of Aussie Invader 5R...

aussieinvader oct13

November 2013 Newsletter – WE ARE ROLLING!!! Aussie Invader has reached a major milestone in her construction phase, she is on wheels and mobile. After two years of design headspins, FEA analysis, countless headaches, thousands of kilometres driven attending meetings or juggling parts from one shop to another...

aussieinvader oct13

October 2013 Newsletter – We have made heaps of progress on our project on several fronts with some really positive action on our machining, brakes, wiring and our long awaited trip to our race venue in Central Western Queensland. This trip is currently being arranged with our visit only a couple of weeks away...

aussieinvader sep13

September 2013 Newsletter – Well if you haven't visited AussieInvader.com for a while Mark Read has worked overtime building us a brand new website with major support from Woocom one of Perth’s leading web design companies. Soon some new images will also be gracing the website courtesy of Unique 8…

aussieinvader aug13

August 2013 Newsletter – As per usual the work rate has been full on, our entire project fits nicely with the line in Al Stewart’s song "Time Passages" where he sings “The years run too short and the days too fast”. We were interested to hear that our British friends and rivals Bloodhound SSC have changed their run schedule…

aussieinvader jul13

July 2013 Newsletter – Without our supporters, sponsors and 1,000 MPH Club members we would not have been able to achieve a major milestone this month by covering the costs incurred for machining and balancing of our Calm Aluminium tireless wheels. This past month has been very busy as there are so many areas…

aussieinvader jun13

June 2013 Newsletter – We kicked off our month with a special appearance at the V8 Supercars at Barbagallo Raceway here in Perth with Aussie Invader 3 (Australia’s Fastest Car) which is powered by an Aussie built ATAR engine as fitted to a Mirage Fighter jet. Our long time team member and race car driver…

aussieinvader may13

May 2013 Newsletter – This past month has been a blur with all of our crew working overtime with various individual jobs that need to be completed to get us to the start line. I am blessed to have such a dedicated and hard working team who tackle whatever I ask of them, and then some…

aussieinvader apr13

April 2013 Newsletter – So much has happened this month with our project that I would need to write a book to give you a complete update on what we have achieved over the past few weeks, but in a nutshell here is what our mighty team have accomplished…

aussieinvader mar13

March 2013 Newsletter – It has been a really full on past month again for the Aussie Invader project with heaps of design work being done on our hydraulics, air brake door recess housings, power steering mods and tooling to allow us to carry out our mag drilling operations to mount up our powerful B3…

aussieinvader feb13

February 2013 Newsletter – As mentioned last month we have been really busy after the New Year period with lots of television stories, the testing of our torch ignitor, design work on our airbrake hinges and best of all a visit to our home by legendary engineer John “Ackers“ Ackroyd…

aussieinvader jan13

January 2013 Newsletter – It’s 2013 already and best wishes for the coming year to all our partners, supporters and 1000 MPH Club Members. This is the year all speed fans should be looking forward to, as we are going to see some fantastic progress towards the setting of a new World Land Speed Record…

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