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aussieinvader dec12

December 2012 Newsletter – Welcome to our December newsletter and thank you all for your involvement or interest in our epic journey for the World Land Speed Record, and our mission to become the first team in history to reach the holy grail of motor racing and the greatest achievement since the invention of the wheel… 1,000 mph.

aussieinvader nov12

November 2012 Newsletter – Firstly let me apologise for the lateness of this newsletter, but this past month has been the busiest month in the projects history, and let me tell you all the other months have been huge. The month started with Pete Taylor, Ivan, Chris Demunck and myself building our wheel display frame and engine display stand ready for AIMS (Australian International Motor Show)…

aussieinvader oct12

October 2012 Newsletter – Yippee… our interface manifold has been completed, thank you so much to our 1000 MPH Club members who made this vital part reality and the support Calm Aluminium for the material sponsorship. This part has been a mammoth effort by a lot of people and the machining of it needed to be…

aussieinvader sep12

September 2012 Newsletter - I was inspired to read the following email from a supporter the morning after the passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, it read… “I was saddened to hear that Neil Armstrong died on Saturday. The world needs heroes and great projects, it makes humans what we are…”

aussieinvader aug12

August 2012 Newsletter - We have not let the grass grow under our feet this past month, with lots of work both in design and construction on our car, media interviews, appearances and presentations… Boy there is a lot more to building the world’s fastest car than just working on the car…

aussieinvader jul12

July 2012 Newsletter – IT’S OFFICIAL WE ARE GOING… We have been invited to attend the Sydney Motor Show in October this year. Our long time friend and sponsor Russ Tyrie from the VACC has formerly invited the Aussie Invader Team to appear in Sydney…

aussieinvader jun12

June 2012 Newsletter – It’s June already and I cannot believe how fast time is passing, surely the world is spinning faster on its axis than ever before. Once again my team and I have been kept on our toes with all of the events and challenges that can be steered in our direction…

aussieinvader may12

May 2012 Newsletter – I cannot believe this past month has gone already, is it because we are all getting old or is it because we now cram so much into our day, I hope it’s the latter. My team and I have a real lot to achieve before we hang up the gloves and helmet…

aussieinvader apr12

April 2012 Newsletter - Mentioned in last month’s newsletter was the fact that we were invited to attend two prominent local functions, the first being the CME Mining Expo at Sandalford Estate and the second being the Perth Christian Life Centre group on Perth’s south side…

aussieinvader mar12

March 2012 Newsletter - A big HI to all our newsletter recipients, sponsors, supporters, LSR nuts and newcomers to our supersonic history making mission, welcome to our March 2012 newsletter. My team and I have had a very busy month with progress on our rocket motor development, designing and…

aussieinvader feb12

February 2012 Newsletter – G,day to all our Aussie Invader Land Speed Challenge sponsors, supporters and followers, welcome to our February 2012 newsletter. Boy has it been hot here in Perth, Western Australia. We have had about 8 days of temperatures in the 40c + range and some of the crew…

aussieinvader jan12

January 2012 Newsletter – G’day to all our devoted readers, sponsors and LSR followers. Welcome to our January 2012 Newsletter and the beginning of a brand new year and it promises to be full of opportunity and excitement for our project. Hopefully the same will apply to you and yours…

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