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aussieinvader dec11

December 2011 Newsletter – The first thing you might notice about this months newsletter is the change in the way it is presented. We have had to make changes because as the newsletter grows in popularity it is becoming harder to manage and is a lot more of it is automated now. Several of the…

aussieinvader nov11

November 2011 Newsletter – Our entire crew are all busy working away in their area of expertise. This past month has been a bit like the duck on the pond scenario with not much movement seen from above but the legs going 100 MPH underneath. We are working on so many different design aspects of our…

aussieinvader oct11

October 2011 Newsletter – We have just burned another huge month for the team with work on the more intricate areas of our car including the operation of our windshield canopy pneumatics, design of our onboard hydraulic systems including our power steering rack feed, emergency ground brake…

aussieinvader sep11

September 2011 Newsletter – As we forge ahead to take on the greatest race since the invention of the wheel, we have some great opposition and friendly rivalry from several teams in various countries around the globe, all of whom are listed on our website and all of whom we hold in high regard….

aussieinvader aug11

August 2011 Newsletter – Once again I thought I was going to struggle to write something for the newsletter this month as we had worked really hard, but a lot of that was preparation for future work. The good thing with this project is we have several people working on different aspects, leaving me…

aussieinvader jul11

July 2011 Newsletter – Well after an insane four months, our car is turned the right way up sitting at ride height and looking like she means business. This has been a mammoth achievement for our crew and sponsors who have all gone beyond the call of duty to achieve this construction milestone…

aussieinvader jun11

June 2011 Newsletter – What a HUGE month we have just had with some really positive progress on our car. We have met and started to work with some great new sponsors and professional people, all of which are who are donating their time and services to our ground-breaking project…

aussieinvader may11

May 2011 Newsletter – Another huge month for our team has again blasted past with lots of progress being made on our car, public appearances being performed and some good media interest coverage both printed and on the TV. The West Australian featured a story on our ambition to run our race in…

aussieinvader apr11

April 2012 Newsletter - Mentioned in last month’s newsletter was the fact that we were invited to attend two prominent local functions, the first being the CME Mining Expo at Sandalford Estate and the second being the Perth Christian Life Centre group on Perth’s south side…

aussieinvader mar11

March 2011 Newsletter – Boy what a busy month for our entire team. Although it is only a short month we have made huge progress, lots of new developments with the car, some good television, newspaper and printed stories as well as motivational talks thrown into the mix. Bearing Issue Solved – After exhausting all avenues…

aussieinvader feb11

February 2011 Newsletter – This past month started with a crew get together and some serious discussion as to whether we could all make the huge commitment to have our 1000 mph racer at a very near completed stage for the Melbourne Motor Show in July. My crew have been through thick and thin with me…

aussieinvader jan11

January 2011 Newsletter - The Aussie Invader Team hope that you had a great Christmas and New Year and that you got to spend time with familyand friends and recharged your batteries ready for the year ahead. We are looking forward to a great productive 2011 and are hopeful it will be a real BLAST…

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