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Published on Friday, 25 January 2013 Written by Mark Read

Over the last few months one of the prime tasks has been to create a torch ignitor for our rocket engine to fire her up. This ignitor is a mini rocket engine on its own and pushes a flame across the injector plate to fire our 62,000 lb/f rocket engine.

The ignitor has to operate at very high tempratures and at 600 psi to stop the engines propellants pushing back into the ignitor and extinguishing it.


Published on Monday, 07 January 2013 Written by Mark Read

The Aussie Invader Team are excited to announce the professional support and sponsorship offered to our team via Garlock Sealing Technologies. This premier global company has offered to produce a 100 x 150 x 12 mm double lip PS seal combination that will keep the desert dust from entering our SKF angular contact wheel bearings. These seals will also keep our bearing oil lubricant contained and contaminant free within our wheel hub.


Published on Friday, 07 December 2012 Written by Mark Read

The Aussie Invader Team are excited and honored to have local engineering and fabrication gurus Kentin Engineering partner with us to complete some of the toughest machining jobs yet to be tackled on our supersonic race car project. Some of the work Kentin will undertake is the construction of our axles which will support our SKF quad angular contact bearings allowing our Calm Aluminum 900 mm solid 7000 series Aluminum wheels to rotate at 10,000 rpm. They will also work on the design and machining of our rocket motors ignition system, motor mounting systems, brakes, steering and tooling.


Published on Friday, 16 November 2012 Written by Mark Read

The ABC Catalyst team are on a 6 week road trip collecting new stories for their next series. They started in WA and we were one of the first ports of call, following up from the story they did 2 years ago. Click here to see the original story.

The story centred around the progress the team have made with the project and the delivery of our first 1,000 mph wheel and the rocket engine development.


Published on Monday, 22 October 2012 Written by Mark Read

Several months work and planning had gone into our attendance at the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) from October 19th – 28th at Sydney’s Darling Harbour and our invite was thanks to our great friend Mr Russ Tyrie who organised the show.

At AIMS in Sydney, we officially launched our bid for the attempt on the World Land Speed Record in 2014 and our 1,000 mph wheel to the world’s media.


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