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Published on Wednesday, 14 August 2013 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

We were excited to receive a set of AM-16 Aurora Bearings direct from the company that produces this great product in Montgomery, Illinois. These rod end bearings will be used on the end of our motor thrust rods and will allow the motors gimbal or pitch angle to be adjusted up and down or side to side. They will also align the nozzle in the centre of our chassis with a 0.5 degree downward tilt, keeping the motor pushing the front of the car down.


We know how important the exhaust nozzle alignment to chassis is after campaigning jet powered cars for over 25 years and experiencing runs with an out of shape or broken tailpipe. It’s scary stuff having the motor dictating your direction down the racetrack. These rod ends from Aurora Bearing are the perfect product for our application and we are most thankful to John McCrory and his great team for their technical expertise and great products.

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