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Published on Sunday, 10 January 2016 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

After nearly 3 years of design work, blood, sweat and tears, we finally have our Air brakes! Kentin Engineering has done a remarkable job machining these doors from solid billet supplied by Calm Aluminium.

Paul Martin in the UK has spent a huge amount of time designing and performing CFD predictions on these and an army of different people have assisted us to get these completed over the past 3 years. How could a couple of machined doors take so long to complete I hear you ask.

Initially our friends at Geocam in Burswood Western Australia built us two great aluminium doors from 5/8” thick ground and hardened plate. We were in the throws of fitting these up when our Paul Martin called and said the CFD predictions on these doors were not pretty. With the door opening on a 30 degree arc from the side of the car and air spilling from the edges of the door, it disrupted the airflow around our horizontal stabilizer and the back end of our car stood a good chance of getting airborne.

Paul then designed winglets that would channel the airflow rearwards in a controlled pattern even when the doors were at their 60 degree max opening. The only problem then was that we needed 40% more operating power to make them function. Beefed up hydraulics, push and pull rods, counter levers and rose joints were built and a lot of original hardware junked. Another big problem being that there was a very limited working space to fit all this new hardware into, oh and did I mention zero funding to achieve this. Thank you to everyone who has helped get this huge job completed.

View video of air brakes working at...

One final job to complete before fitment of our doors was to have our friends from Henkel and LOCTITE Australia apply their great product to fix our winglets and screws to the main door sections.

Henkel/LOCTITE's Mark Casotti put in a big day with Pete Taylor to complete this job working to get these doors fitted to the chassis before it got to dark to see.

Thank you Mark and the Henkel/LOCTITE team for your brilliant support
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