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Published on Thursday, 01 January 2015 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

We're very excited, as we have been waiting a very long time to get our hands on these and finally we have our super high pressure N2 gaseous storage cylinders on our shop floor, ready for installation.

These high pressure composite cylinders were made for us to use as our blowdown tanks to blast our propellants into our rocket motor instead of using pumps and motors. This blowdown system will achieve the same result as a pump/motor combination, but is a lot simpler.

We have a cluster of 3 forward mounted cylinders and a single rear mounted cylinder giving us a water volume of 740 litres.


Thank you Speedmark Australia for your brilliant help in air freighting these to us, Trident Australia for your engineering input and Air Liquide for your assistance in sourcing these impossible to find vessels.

Crew member Chris Demunck is currently working on a support frame to neatly locate them into our mainframe.


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