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Published on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

Donald Campbell is the only person in history to set the World Land Speed and Water Speed Records in the same year, and that was in Australia in 1964. We were honoured to have his daughter Gina Campbell, pay us a visit.

This was the first time Rosco and Gina had met and Gina checked out the progress of Aussie Invader 5R, Rosco and the team's latest project. Gina was on her way to visit Lake Dumbleyung, where her father set his water speed record 50 years earlier on New Year’s Eve 1964.

Below is the Channel 7 News story of their meeting...

Rosco and Gina continued their discussions over dinner, discussing many aspects of land speed record racing and her father's record breaking exploits. World famous engineer John "Ackers" Ackroyd, was also present, as he was over from the UK. John was the designer of Thrust 2 that set the LSR back in 1983 with Richard Noble and has contributed his extensive knowledge to Rosco's latest project.


Commemorating the Record Anniversary

The shire of Dumbleyung hold Donald Campbell’s name in high regard and are planning a special event for this New Year’s Eve, and Gina has confirmed she will return to Western Australia for this great commemoration.

Campbell captured the world's imagination on New Year's Eve in 1964 when he became the fastest man on water in his jet-powered hydroplane on Lake Dumbleyung. After setting a new world land-speed record in July, Campbell was determined to break the water-speed record before the year ended, and he made it with mere hours to spare.

Part of the New Year celebrations will be the unveiling of a K7 Bluebird replica, built by 53-year-old Ledge Point fabricator and "speed freak", Mark Motzouris has been commissioned by the Dumbleyung community to build the replica for the 50th anniversary of this historic event. Mark is trying desperately to get this build across the line for New Year's Eve - and fittingly, it is going down to the wire.

k7-bluebird-replica560 Mr Motzouris, whose father set his own water speed record in the 1970s, said he was honoured to play a part in preserving Campbell's memory. "As a young lad growing up in a boat-building factory in South Africa, I followed the story of Sir Malcolm Campbell and his son Donald," he said. "I'm passionate about it and I think that's why this project fell into place for me.

I think my dad and Donald Campbell will clink their glasses up in heaven when I finish this boat." Using photographs for reference, Mr Motzouris has designed and built the replica from the ground up at his Statewide Boating workshop.

There is still bodywork to be done before he can give it a coat of paint but, like Campbell, he is determined to beat the clock. For details of the 50th anniversary celebrations, visit dumbleyungbluebird.com.au.


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