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Published on Wednesday, 04 June 2014 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

We were excited to learn that project supporter and Federal MP Ian Goodenough made a statement in Parliament about Rosco and the Aussie Invader land speed project.

On the 2nd June at 16:11 Mr Goodenough, MP for the electorate of Moore), made the following statement in Parliament, hopefully the Australian Government and Opposition are a little wiser about our project and what we are trying to achieve for Australia.

The 90 second statement was as follows...

In a nondescript shed in the suburb of Mullaloo within my electorate, world-class Australian innovation and technical expertise is proudly at work. Rosco McGlashan OAM is building Aussie Invader 5R, a rocket powered car, in an attempt to set a new Australian land speed record, break the sound barrier, set a new world land speed record and exceed a speed of 1,600 kilometres per hour. Rosco McGlashan currently holds the Australian land speed record at 802.6 kilometres per hour. This record was set on 27 March 1994 on the dry salt flats of Lake Gairdner in South Australia, 440 kilometres northwest of Adelaide.

Three international teams are in the race to break the world land speed record and two teams are attempting to raise it to over 1,600 kilometres per hour. Aussie Invader 5R is 18 metres in length and three metres high at the tailfin—Rosco's biggest and most powerful design yet. The legendary Peter Brock once called Rosco McGlashan 'a person who absolutely gives it a red-hot go'. As the driving force behind the Aussie Invader team, McGlashan is determined to realise the dream he has spent over 45 years chasing. He sets his goals high and will not stop at being 'the fastest Aussie on Earth'— (Time expired).

View video of speech

Thanks must go to Ian Goodenough MP for bringing our project to a wider audience and let's hope further interest and support comes from the Government for this groundbreaking and innovative Australian project.

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