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Published on Friday, 14 March 2014 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

The Motor Museum of WA are very keen to acquire Aussie Invader III as a major display in the Museum located in Whiteman Park and we need your help to make this happen...

The Museum’s Collection Policy is aimed directly at Aussie Invader III as a Western Australian purpose built vehicle that has significant Australian History.

In 1994 Aussie Invader II made history by setting an outright Australian Land Speed Record of 802 km/h (500 mph). The following year in an attempt at raising that record and attacking the World Land Speed Record the car body and engine were severely damaged when the car veered off course and hit a timing marker at close to 600 mph.

The car was out of action, taken back to the workshop where over the next 2 years the car was re-designed and Aussie Invader III was born. The car had the same chassis, same wheels and same engine type, except the Aussie Built Atar 09C5 had to be replaced, so in effect Aussie Invader II & III are the same car.

AI3 WA motor museum AI2 crash AI3 WA motor museum record
High speed crash  Breaking the Australian Land Speed Record - 27th March 1994

In 1996 (2 years after the accident) Aussie Invader III blasted down Lake Gairdner and reached a peak speed of 1,028 km/h (638 mph) on a one way pass, this was actually faster than the current record, but bad weather prevented a return run, and the record was not broken.

In 1997 before Rosco could make another attempt, the British raised the bar further by reaching 763 mph (1,223 km/h) in Thrust SSC, driven by Andy Green. This increase in speed made Aussie Invader III redundant and our new project Aussie Invader 5R was born.

Preserving this Historic Vehicle for the Enjoyment of All

AI3 WA motor museum AI3

How can you help? We need to find a sponsor to help purchase Aussie Invader III from Rosco and donate it to the Motor Museum of WA. We need $350k to secure the vehicle (a fraction of what it cost to build). Are you a business or company that can assist or do you know of one?

These funds will go straight into completing Aussie Invader 5R and ensure that Rosco and the Aussie Invader Team can challenge and hopefully capture the World Land Speed Record, bringing it to Australia for the first time.

The Motor Museum is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient through the ATO. The Cultural Gift program has advantages that allow a vehicle with this history to be donated to a museum such as ours and there are tax benefits to the donor.

For information on the Cultural Gift Program, please visit www.arts.gov.au/cgp

This impressive and iconic Western Australian vehicle with significant Australian history will remain in WA and open to the viewing public of all Australians and international visitors, showing what Australians can achieve with a vision, dedication and determination and setting an example for future generations.

20th Anniversary of Breaking the Record

The 27th of March this year is the 20th Anniversary of Australia’s current Land Speed Record and the crew are having a celebratory dinner to reflect on the last 20 years and remember the ecstasy of that night all those years ago.

With my joint roles, I thank you in anticipation of a favourable outcome for both Rosco, The Aussie Invader 5R project and the Motor Museum of WA. 

If your are interested in knowing more, please contact Peter Taylor; Crew Manager & Secretary Treasurer of the Motor Museum of WA.

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