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Published on Monday, 03 March 2014 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

Rosco was recently interviewed by Oliver Marriage from UK's very popular Top Gear magazine. We were sent a copy of the article, which was about the world land speed record rivalry between the UK and USA over many years...

Below are the 4 pages from the article written by Ollie and appeared in Top Gear's March 2014 publication. Rosco was pleased to be included in this article, as its focus was the British & American world land speed record rivalry over many years, and the inclusion showed that the Aussie Invader 5R project is a serious contender for the title also.

Please click on each page to read an enlarged version.

Top Gear magazine article March 2014 - Page 1 Top Gear magazine article March 2014 - Page 2
Top Gear magazine article March 2014 - Page 3 Top Gear magazine article March 2014 - Page 4

Rosco recollection of the conversation with Ollie was not quite as quoted on the last page of the article, but it does make good reading...

"You Poms always want to make things so bloody complicated,” Rosco McGlashan tells me. I love the blokes from Bloodhound, but three engines and three different fuels, for f**k’s sake?”

Rosco, Aussie legend and proven record-breaker, also wants in on the LSR. His design for Aussie Invader 5R is simpler. One dirty great rocket, designed for NASA and now going to be launched sideways. With wheels attached. And him inside. And with 61,822lb thrust, he has the equivalent of 200,000bhp, but rockets, notoriously, are hard to control.

“Well, we say it’s throttlable, but basically Invader weighs about 9.2 tonnes, so that’s the throttle control right there,” Rosco says. “It’s going to be the scariest thing ever, driving this for even six seconds, I’ll be s***ting meself.” A six-second run should take Rosco to 560mph. The fastest hypercars take that long to hit 100mph. Rosco is on schedule to begin tests around the same time as Bloodhound. It’s the Ashes all over again. At 1,000mph.

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