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Published on Sunday, 08 December 2013 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

After a lot of hard work and nearly a year, we finally have all the hydraulic systems completed on the car with plumbing in of the air brakes, steering and the emergency ground brake (drivers' canopy is operated by compressed air).

Thanks must go to all the sponsors and partners, it has been a massive task and one we can now tick off our list.

A special mention for the great work and expertise goes to Mining and Hydraulic Supplies, United Fluid Power and Ian Senior from Speno Rail.  Thanks must also go to Glenn Woodward and Kyle Daniele who spent many hours plumbing in and fitting up a mountain of hydraulic hardware... Thank you all.

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The car was stripped down so the emergency ground brake can be connected up to the newly installed hydraulic system. This will be used in a runaway situation and also to jack the front of the car up, to assist in turning the car around or to work on the front wheels and suspension cradle.

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