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Published on Friday, 08 November 2013 Written by Mark Read « Back to news articles

Below is the press release that was sent out today, announcing a 4 day trip by Rosco and many experts from various fields and project partners to ascertain the suitability of a race venue for Aussie Invader 5R in Queensland.


“Supersonic Press Conference”

Monday November 11th 2013 at 09:30 am
Novotel Brisbane Airport, located at Skygate
Conference to be held in “The Bailey Room”

An Australian race car team headed by the "Fastest Aussie on Earth" Rosco McGlashan OAM has today announced their intentions to investigate the possibility of using a remote Queensland dry lakebed as their venue to set a new world land speed record where they intend to ultimately reach 1000 miles per hour, 1609 km/h, 1.4 mach and 450 metres per second driving the world’s most powerful car powered by a 200,000 horsepower liquid oxygen rocket motor with a performance prediction of 0 - 1000 mph in 20 seconds.
McGlashan set the Aussie land speed record at 802 km/h in 94 and later took his Aussie Invader 3 car powered by a Mirage Fighter jet engine to 1026 km/h, which at that time was as fast as any car had ever travelled.
“This is my life’s work” claimed McGlashan “and I believe this project is the most innovative and challenging sporting event in Australia's history. My team and I want to prove to the world that Australia has what it takes to exceed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, demonstrating an abundance of desire,  dedication, determination, ability and guts to exceed the impossible, to design, build and drive a car faster than a bullet all done from a suburban backyard workshop.”
“We have offers to run our car in Nevada USA but we want this to be an all Australian achievement” said McGlashan, we are extremely thankful to the good folks who are assisting us on our reconnaissance mission into the Diamantina Shire, we thank the Diamantina Shire Council and their residents, Outback Queensland Tourism, Skytrans Airlines and Land Surveys for their terrific support.
Rosco McGlashan and members of his support team will be holding the press conference, please join us.
Media enquiries contact - Cheryl McGlashan 0407 083 273  
e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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